Monday, March 29, 2010

The Answers Are Out There

The question is, are you looking for them? I know I am. Who am I? I'm just a common man in a common cause. That cause is answers. What kind of answers? All of them. I want answers in a spiritual sense, economic sense, and a political sense. I have my theories on all of the above and I want to post them online. I want an online record of all of my thoughts, feelings, and theories on the subjects above. So why do I feel my theories are of any importance, I mean who do I think I am? I'm not sure if they are important or they can be used, but I'm still going to let my thoughts be known anyways.

I claim no intelligence, I have no real religion (although I lean towards Deism), and I am no one of real importance. I do however feel my thoughts, feelings, and theories can be used by someone who is intelligent, important, or in a position that can make sure my thoughts are recognized. I feel the answers are out there, the question is do we have an open mind to accept them? Do we have the will to look beyond the status quo?

In each of my posts I will put in the heading Spiritual:...., Political:...., or Economic:.... so that my posts are broken down. If there are anyone in the field of science, politics, economics, or philosophy who can help me prove, disprove, or add to my feelings please do so. I look forward to input.

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  1. I wanna steal your idea, I really like it and I feel like if it is marketed and kept up, Thomas Jefferson's Ghost could gain some interest and maybe help inform some people about how TJ's nightmares are all coming true. I had this idea and thought it was original, and felt I should check if anyone else has had it, you have but you abandon it.